Jewelry For a Change

We create high quality, designer jewelry made with Guatemalan Jadeite Jade, accented by a variety of gemstones and precious metals. We don’t use high markups for our prices because we believe that every woman deserves to wear something special.

A unique collection of limited edition designs, Gemma Jade combines timeless elegance and contemporary chic for a distinctive and innovative style. Jade, precious metal and semiprecious gems are meticulously hand assembled to create dramatic lines, smooth silhouettes, seductive curves, and bold geometric shapes… all characterized by a brilliant use of color.

Our Jade is A grade untreated Jadeite, a unique and rare gemstone that is part of the culture and heritage of the Mayan People. It is mined locally in the town of Zacapa, using an ecologically friendly process known as surface mining. We are a socially and environmentally responsible company that focuses on changing women’s lives in order to change the world.


As a result of the work they are doing at Gemma Jade,  women’s lives are transformed. They are able to feed their families and send their children to school, providing generations to come with a better future. A change in the life of just one woman creates a ripple effect and impacts those around them. Just one woman is able to produce a positive change in her entire community. Access to necessary healthcare for their families means they can stop trying to just survive and begin to live a happy and fulfilling life. Financial independence empowers them to break free from abuse and violence. They are exposed to a new way of life, and begin to learn their own value and realize they are capable of so much more.

Through their newly found dreams and aspirations, it is possible to see an end to the cycle of chronic poverty.A life of dignity and opportunity that once seemed out of reach becomes not just a possibility, but also a reality.

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