Our company is driven by a desire to make a positive impact and celebrate the beauty in every woman. From the women who make our jewelry to the women who wear it, Gemma Jade believes in empowering women through jewelry.

We believe change can be possible and are helping women to create a brighter future through our company.

Our company, located in Antigua Guatemala,  is run entirely by women. We create high quality, designer jewelry made with Guatemalan Jadeite Jade, accented by a variety of gemstones and precious metals. We don’t use high markups for our prices because we believe that every woman deserves to wear something special.

Our Jade is AAA untreated Jadeite, a unique and rare gemstone that is part of the culture and heritage of the Mayan People. It is mined locally in the town of Zacapa, using an ecologically friendly process known as surface mining.

Women are the driving force behind our company. They are involved in every aspect of the company and are part of a collaborative effort to produce, market and sell our jewelry. They finally have a place where they are valued and their voice can be heard.

More than just a vital source of income, each piece of jewelry helps to provide the women in our company with the training and support needed in order to achieve a better life. They are  building their self-esteem by learning new lifelong skills.

By having ownership of the work they are doing, they are empowered to take control of their life and their future.



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